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Many people have faced this anguishing decision during the corona virus, how do I support my children with no job or income. Now what would your family do if the situation were permanent? Approximately 70% of Americans are underinsured, and 41% have no life insurance at all.

Let us do something about it. Click here to find out what you can do to protect the people you love. Being properly Insured is one of the most selfless acts we can do as an adult. In the age of “I want it now” lets show your family how important they are.

Dennis Snoozy, Founder SNP Financial and family

Protect Your Family With The Insurance You Need

I am incredibly passionate about helping you get the insurance you need. I have worked in the Financial Services world as an advisor, a branch manager, and Regional Vice president, and have seen firsthand the devastation dying without life insurance can have on your family.

I also know it is not fun to buy life insurance. It can be confusing and nobody really likes getting a physical or paying the premium. So, when I found out what Ethos technologies has put together I knew I had to spread the word.

Still Have Questions? Click here to schedule a 15 minute call with me