Social Security & Pension Analysis Questionnaire

What is your name?

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What is your spouse's name?

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What is your full retirement age Social Security Benefit

* It will be on your most recent social security statement or you can look it up at

What is your Spouse's Full Retirement Age monthly benefit?

Your Age(s)?

If you worked for a school district that did not pay into social security for you, please bring your work history earnings on your social security statement to our appointment. OR you can upload it here.

What Teachers Pensions are you a part of?

* If multiple pensions, please list all of them.

Approximately, what date did you become a member of the pension?

* If you were in multiple pensions, please list start date for each pension.

What is your current Annual income from working for the School District?

* If you worked for multiple pensions, please have your most recent Social Security statement available for our appointment.

Some Pensions have a side investment fund called an IAP or drop account. If so, what is the Account balance on your most recent pension statement?

Do you have any old pensions?

* If yes, what state?

* Are they still there or were they liquidated or rolled over to an IRA?

Ideal Retirement date?