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We formed SNP Financial Advisors because we have studied the markets extensively and are on top of the emerging disruption that is going to take place that very well could have a negative impact on your retirement if you don’t have the knowledge of these disruptors.

If you have want to know more, consume the content on our site, or schedule an appointment with us and we can give you some direction free of cost.

With over 30 years of financial advising under our belts, you can rest assured your future will be strategically mapped out for you, and you will see light at the end of the tunnel. No more sleepless nights, or anxiety wondering if you are going to be able to live the lifestyle you want, and to have enough to last the rest of your life.


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Meet Our Executive Team

Dennis Snoozy


Financial planning expert Dennis Snoozy has been earning the trust of both clients and colleagues for more than 28 years. Having served the industry in roles that include Financial Advisor, Branch Manager, and Regional Vice president. He has received numerous performance achievement awards ranging from Rookie and Sophomore of the year (1994, 1995), Top 25 reps in the company (1998), Most Successful New Rep Office Manager (2003-2010), and various top office manager awards for investments and insurance.

From 2001 to 2018, Dennis led the development of a Wall St. based investment company’s southwest region. In this executive role, he grew the organization from 4 advisors to 120 advisors and gross revenue from $250,000 to over 20 million. More importantly, the firm went from serving 650 clients to helping 25,000 clients grow their retirement, fund their children’s college education, and protect their families with insurance. He has personally taught well over 100 individuals how to be a successful advisor, and in turn, helped their clients reach their financial goals.

Today, as a fiduciary, Dennis advises clients as he would himself or his family.

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Mike Pedersen

VP of Business Development

Marketing expert and lifetime entrepreneur Mike Pedersen has been helping businesses grow their revenues for over 20 years now. Before that, he launched the world’s first golf fitness membership site and took it to 7-figures by himself. Understanding consumer behavior and buying mindset, Mike has studied this field and read over 200 books. Mike is a passionate and committed person who accomplished a lot in his athletic career from a scholarship athlete (Javelin) for Oregon State, to competing for the Canadian National Team as a decathlete. In high school, he held many records in the Long Jump, Triple Jump, and Javelin. He takes this passion and commitment to the business world and is excited to be part of SNP Financial Advisors.